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3rd 9 weeks, wk 3

Kindergarten Newsletter January 21-25, 2019
Learning This Week
Language Arts: This week we will begin our PBL project based learning about what makes our families unique. We will be reading different books about families and discussing families.
Writing: We will incorporate our PBL project by writing various information about our families.
Sight Words:  we, we, I, see, can, me, like, look, am, go, to, a, am, and, at, the, is, she, he, in, up, and, put, get, mom, said, get, up, on, was, little, out, of, went, some, what, us, are, all, had, you
Challenge Words: about, after another, could, because, down, from, going, how, some, where, would, many, other, saw, other, which, very, going, after, when
Science/Social Studies: We will be presenting our PBL projects information about our families that students have brought from home.
Math: We will focus on graphing information about our families and also our peers' families.
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